"More for the people."

Sylvana Alonzo
for Dallas City Council District 1

"Together we can work to improve the quality of life for everyone." - Sylvana Avila Alonzo

My vision to do more for the people

Doing more for the people by serving with honesty, integrity, fairness, and being inclusive.

  • Ensure that your voice gets heard: reach all residents not just those that can attend a town hall meeting; promote digital formats (apps), and phone calls to City Hall; and utilize City facilities such as libraries, recreation centers and municipal buildings to serve as information hubs
  • Promote affordable housing by boosting the first-time home buyer and down-payment assistance programs; reduce the tax burden on homeowners
  • Provide equitable City services to all of District 1: fix streets, fill potholes, improve response time by first responders, improve code enforcement, better lighting and road bumps around schools and parks; ease neighborhood street parking congestion with a new backyard parking assistance / alley resurfacing program;
  • Keep neighborhoods safe; competitive pay for first responders; let's keep the trainees we invest in by providing incentives; reinstate community police storefronts 
  • Appoint board and commission members that reflect the community's diversity
  • Provide equitable funding to cultural arts programs, organizations and artists
  • Provide equitable funding to parks & recreation in District 1
  • Improve zoning practices to protect neighborhoods’ integrity and attract businesses that provide products and services that are out-of-reach or non-existent to District 1 residents
  • Reinvest in Business Assistance Centers to help depressed business zones and to assist displaced businesses with incubator space / bazaar space program
  • Support new developments to keep the City vibrant only when not negatively affect our neighborhoods and current businesses’ livelihood
  • Continue to lower the poverty rate by creating initiatives for employment, training, and educational opportunities, especially to youth and women who are the two groups among the poorest
  • Seek CDBG funds for after-school programs, child care, adult day care, nutrition, health, etc.
  • Promote environmental best practices - make Dallas GREEN
  • Boost animal control and promote pet adoptions

Over 30 years experience as a civic leader



I know the value of contributing to the democratic process. That's why I served on  Dallas City boards and commissions.

Servant Leader


As a servant leader, I have volunteered in many Oak Cliff Dallas community service projects and activities. I believe in giving back and effecting change through serving.

Get Involved


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